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Color: Light pink, pastels, black

Libations: An exceptional tea blend or coffee. I  am an avid Whiskey drinker.

Shoe size: 6

Candles: Linen, woodsy scents, sandalwood, lavender, patchouli

Treats: Macaroons, fresh fruit, chocolates, truffles

Hobbies: I am a movie buff and bibliophile! (A sweet gesture might be a copy of your favorite novel or film). I appreciate anything artistic. Paintings, poetry, sculpture, drawings... These are the keys to my heart. 

While the presence of your company is a great gift on its own,  one of my "love languages" (only second to acts of service)  is giving and receiving gifts. I frequently give people thoughtful gifts as a sign of appreciation. A gift or gesture shows someone they are known, cared for, and prized. For me, it is not about materialism, rather it is the thoughtfulness and effort that goes into it. Please do not feel obligated, I promise that a gift is not required or expected. However, if you do feel like spoiling me, there are some ideas below.

If you want to be endeared to me forever, consider making a donation to one of my favorite charities:

The Red Umbrella Project:   a small peer-led organization based in Brooklyn, New York, which does community organizing and advocacy to make policy and systematic change for sexworker rights.                  


These are a few of my favorite things